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Dragonfly Damsel - Blue Lotus Flower Tea Kit

Dragonfly Damsel - Blue Lotus Flower Tea Kit

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Our custom dyed kits from Dragonfly Fibers are so dreamy! This superwash merino has remarkable loft, it's incredibly soft to the touch, and takes up color like crazy. The sport weight yarn and lacy fabric of Spill the Tea combined with the natural properties of wool make this a truly versatile option for your garment. 

Damsel is a beautiful yarn which is a definite treat for both the knitter and wearer. Your Blue Lotus Flower Tea Kit will come with 3-5 340 yd/ 4 oz. skeins (depending on size) of the main color (light blue) with one custom-sized 1/3 skein of each accent color (mauvish-pink and darker blue). This is a perfect choice for those who prefer slightly less contrast and a timeless color combination. 

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