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Firefly Notes

Firefly Notes Knitting Kit

Firefly Notes Knitting Kit

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Firefly Knitting Kits comes in a tin with resined image on top and a magnetic bottom.

Cat Knit kit tin with 8 cat shaped stitch markers (4 cats @ 17mm and 4 Kittens @ 11 mm) slipped on a organizing loop, darning needle and magnetic strip to hold your darning needle on (cats not magnetic)!

The Sheep tin comes with ENTIRE magnetic bottom insert covered with a floral paper insert so that your stitch markers and metal needles won't fall out and all over the place. Also includes 5 stitch markers, an organizing loop and yarn needle.

The "Tools of the Trade" tin comes with magnetic strip insert covered with a pretty paper insert so that your metal needle won't fall out (brass markers not magnetized). Also includes 8 raw brass toned non snag stitch markers and yarn needle.

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