ChiaoGoo Swiv360 Silver Cables

ChiaoGoo Swiv360 Silver Cables

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Silver in color, the next-generation SWIV360 cables have the same multi-strand steel cable and nylon components as the much-loved red and blue TWIST cables PLUS an added swivel feature! These cables are available in both [S] and [L] join sizes in nine different lengths!

*The 8" cable is best used with 4″ (10 cm) or shorter tips. It can also be used as an extender to a current cable.

*The 5" cable can be used as an extender to your current cable or with your 2″ (5 cm) [S] Shorties tips.

*The 6" cable is best used with the 2″ (5 cm) or 3″ (8 cm) tips or as an extension for a current cable.

*The 2" cables are best used to extend a current cable if you need a little more space or to add the swivel action to your non-swivel red cable. Three cables come in each package to give you the option to also make your own flexible double points.

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