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Brook's Bouquet, Thurs. June 20, 1-3pm

Brook's Bouquet, Thurs. June 20, 1-3pm

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Brook’s Bouquet Sampler/Scarf Class

Brook’s Bouquet is a hand manipulated weaving technique that creates a lacy open weave. In this class you will learn several ways to use Brook’s Bouquets as you weave either a sampler that can be used as a table mat under a vase of flowers or a fun wall hanging, or try the various stitches at the edge of a scarf and then continue weaving using the one you like best, or plain weave, and then repeat the pattern at the other end. The goal in class is to get through the first set of the pattern and then you are free to continue on your own at home.

For the sampler you will need 1 skein of worsted weight (7.5 heddle) or dk (10 heddle), for the scarf you will need two skeins. If using a warp calculator factor 6 PPI for weft using worsted, and 8 for weft using dk. These are approximate values.

Before class, warp your loom as follows:

Sampler: Warp 50” length, 104 ends wide (about 14” in reed)

Scarf: warp any length you prefer and a width in the reed with a number of ends that divide by 8.

This step is crucial!

A shorter shuttle (8-12”) is very helpful as we make the bouquets. It’s best not to fill the shuttle

super full either, a skinny one is easier to manipulate.

Loom Rentals available.

Class Policies:

In order to provide a pleasant learning environment for the entire class, students are expected to be respectful, courteous, and kind to their fellow classmates. The instructor has the right to dismiss individuals who are not maintaining a positive class dynamic.

If for some reason you have to cancel your class registration, you will be issued store credit for the class amount with at least 7 days notice. With less than 7 days, there will not be a refund.

If less than 2 students are registered for a class, it may be cancelled one day prior and store credit will be issued for the class fee.

Missed Classes
We understand that life gets crazy sometimes and you will occasionally miss a class. Unfortunately, due to limited seating, classes cannot be made up or credited towards a future class.

By signing up for class, you are agreeing to these policies.

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